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Do require professional Damp Proofing? Aylesbury Damp Cure have been offering quality damp proofing, timber treatment and other specialist services in Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Tring, Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas. Their first class reputation has been built up by the quality of work carried out.

Apart from structural wood preservation there are a number of different methods that can extend the life of your structural wood, timber and wood structures.

Wood Rot

Timber Treatment

Dry and wet wood rot destroys timber for food. They are both a fungi which lives off the wood and generates spores which allows the rot to spread. You can usually Identify the affected wood due to its significant weight loss.

If wood rot is left untreated, the timber will eventually deteriorate which can cause serious structural damage. It is important to treat wood rot as early as possible.

The typical cause of a fungal attack is dampness. This is usually down to the ventilation in a building.

Dry Wood Rot

The more serious type of fungus infection is the dry wood rot. We highly recommend professionally treating dry wood rot as soon as possible to prevent a wide area of damage. The fungus has also been known to spread through walls in order to attack the timber.

You can normally identify affected timber by its brown, brittle appearance. Also grey and white hyphae stands develop due to the spore.

To treat dry wood rot, an environmentally friendly micro-emulsion preservation solution is sprayed on the infected area. Alternatively, a specialist gel or paste is applied to the infection.



Beetles that live off timber cause what is known as woodworm holes. If the holes are much larger than normal, this is down to adult beetles emerging from the wood to mate. Wood worm infestations can be caused by numerous species, and the treatment all depends on the type of beetle attacking to timber. For more information, please contact us on the phone numbers above.

Wet Wood Rot

In most cases of structural damage, wet wood rot was the cause. However, it is the less serious type of fungus. This is because the fungus can't infect wood through masonry.

General Building Work

We also offer building work services. Our damp proofers will re-plaster and repair the property ready for the final touches and decoration as part of the damp course.

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