The Importance of Professional Woodworm Treatment

The Importance of Professional Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is one of the biggest threats to structures in UK properties and having it treated by a professional is essential to maintaining a safe and reliable structure that can be lived in. Here at Aylesbury Damp Cure and among our many other services, we can treat all types of woodworm to ensure that you are safe and that your property isn't being damaged even as you read this.

While off-the-shelf treatments for woodworm are readily available, they do not account for the different species of woodworm or beetle that could be inhabiting the timber inside your home, and therefore will not fully deal with and resolve the problem – but instead only offer more of a 'scatter-gun' approach that may remove part of the problem but not all of it.

That is why it is so important to enlist the help of a qualified professional, as here at Aylesbury Damp Cure we have the equipment and expertise to decipher what type of woodworm is attacking the timber inside your home, how much damage it has done and then follow it up with a treatment that is specific to the species inside your home – killing off the entire problem and saving you from footing a heavy bill from the timber merchants for complete timber replacement.

Without our professional help, your property may continue to suffer from woodworm as they mate, grow in mass and make their way further into the heart of your structure's timber; in the worse cases, resulting in families having to leave home as the structure is no longer strong or safe enough to support them. Our woodworm treatment will avoid all of these outcomes and get your property back to its formidable best, so if you are noticing the signs of this threat or wish to find out about our other services, please contact us today on 01296 682 312.

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