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Damp Proofing & Rising Damp Milton Keynes (Woodworm Milton Keynes)

At Aylesbury we are able to offer a selection of damp proofing services to our customers situated throughout the Milton Keynes area. Whether you are looking for help with dry rot or woodworm or need assistance with damp course or timber treatments then we are the people to speak to.

Our head office is based less than 20 miles from Milton Keynes town centre, and as we're just a short drive from the A5 it means we can easily visit our customers across the area. We have built a reputation locally for providing high quality services and ensuring that our customer's properties are fully protected from damp.

If you would like our expert team to visit your property and discuss our range of treatment options then you can give us a call on 01296 295 254 – we can even provide quotes for refurbishment after our damp cure procedure.







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