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Damp Proofing & Waterproofing

If your property is suffering from damp, needs waterproofing or you are looking to install a tanking system in your cellar you have come to the right place. Our Damp Proofers have built a reputation for offering quality workmanship and customer service in Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Tring, Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas.

Our Damp Proofers have full treatment solutions for all types of damp, mould, and condensation. We also offer full damp proofing for new or renovated homes/buildings and also carry out cellar tanking allowing the creation of dry rooms below ground level.

Damp Course

A damp course (also known as a damp proof course) stops water from passing to an unwanted area. This is done by inserting the damp course barrier to the fabric of a building. Once we have carried out your damp course or waterproofing we can re plaster and carry out any general building work required to finish your home to an exact standard.

Rising Damp Control

Rising Damp

Rising damp is caused by the upward movement of moisture mainly through walls but also sometimes through floors. Rising damps can rise to 900mm or more depending on different contributing factors.

A sign of rising damp are salt deposits which generally form a horizontal tide-mark, below which there is discolouration. Floors can display moist patches and staining. Rising damp is distinct from other forms of dampness, such as rain penetration and condensation, which require different solutions.

The treatment of rising damp involves the injection of a chemical damp-proof course into the mortar between the brick and very often, but not always, re plastering with an appropriate type of plaster.

Mould / Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp normally originates from an external source through walls to the inside of a house e.g. a gutter leak, drain-pipe, extreme wet weather or through an underground cellar wall. Curing this may involve re plastering or 'tanking' if it is below ground.

Internal Damp

Internal damp is usually caused by internal pipe leaks such as broken radiator pipe or a shower leak. Dependent on the causes and duration you may only need a plumber, but you might have damp issues left by the leak.

Cellar Tanking

Cellar Tanking

Cellars that are below ground, are always at risk of water penetrating through the walls and floor. In an un-converted cellar, this normally evaporates and only occasionally is there any evidence of water present.

However as soon as it is used for a room, the amount of moisture present will become evident. Moisture will spoil furnishings and even stored boxes.

Having a tanking system in your cellar will ensure that this moisture does not enter through the walls or the floor into the internal environment, and when coupled with proper heating and ventilating, a dry room will be created


Condensation is moisture held in the air, the problem occurs where a lot of moisture is being produced, for example in the kitchen or bathroom, which then settles on cold surfaces and may result in black mould.

Re-Plastering and Renovations

We also carry out re plastering and renovations as part of our dampproofing services, please see our other services page for further information.

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